Pinos Il Sonetto
4200 S 7th Terre Haute 812-299-9255
Welcome to Pino's "Il Sonetto" Italian Restaurant 
Hours of Operation
Tuesday - Saturday 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM 
Closed Sunday and Monday 
Pino’s “IL Sonetto” was established in 1990 by Giuseppe “Pino” Bologna. Pino grew up in Alcamo, Sicily and since the age of nine has always been involved in creating epicurean delights. His creativity flourished until he passed in 2003, at which time his wife, Susan Monts Bologna, former film, stage and television personality, took over full time operations of the restaurant. Susan decided in early 2006 to further pursue her theatric endeavors and sold the establishment. 
As the new owners we have inherited Pino’s legacy as well as his superbly trained employees and his personally trained chefs. We succeeded in maintaining the high standards of Pino and Susan by continuing the tradition that has made Pino’s “IL Sonetto” a landmark and favorite dining spot for our patrons of the past years.  We hope to continue our standards of excellence by delivering outstanding food, with smart and swift service, an attractive ambiance, reasonable prices and, above all, personal service.